PLAYING FORMAT - In the George Baxter trophy competition 7 singles and 4 pair’s games of 501 must be played, straight start and double finish.  Teams may use 12 players during the match provided they are not in breach of rule 7.


Masada   v   Northern Bar


  Semi Finals  
Brig Inn 0 v 6 Masada
Northern Bar 6 v 5 Rowantree B


George Baxter Trophy - Semi Finals - Thursday March 05
The following teams are to register with the committee at the Brig Inn at 8pm: Brig Inn, Masada, Northern Bar, Rowantree B
Draw will be done on the night.    


George Baxter Trophy - Round 4 - Thursday February 06
Masada  6 v Castle
Rowantree B  6 v 4 Mains Of Scotstown
Northern Bar  6 v  1 Dee Swimming Club
Brig Inn  6 v  3 Scotia Lounge
The following teams are to register with the committee at the Brig Inn at 7:30pm: Masasda, Castle, Rowantree B, Mains of Scotstown
the following teams are to register with the committee at the Brig Inn at 8:30pm: Northern Bar, Dee SC, Brig Inn, Scotia Lounge



George Baxter Trophy - Round 3 - Thursday November 14
Northern Bar  W/O v  SCR Murdo's Bar
Brig Inn  7 v Riley's Bar
Scotia Lounge v Legends Bar B
Castle Bar v Kings Bar
Rowantree B v Mounthooly Bar
New Greentrees SCR  v W/O  Mains Of Scotstown
Dee Swimming Club v Butchers Arms
Legends Bar v 10  Masada Bar


George Baxter - Round 2 - Thursday October 03
Golden Tee 5 v 6 Castle Bar
Kings Highway 5 v 6 Dee Swimming Club
Grampian Bar 1 v 10 Mains Of Scotstown
Brig Inn W/O v SCR Woodend Bar
Fountain Bar B 4 v 7 Masada Bar
Scotia Lounge 6 v 4 Sportsmans Club
Murdo's Bar 6 v 5 Langdykes Bar
Mounthooly Bar 6 v 5 Golden Tee B
Gilcomston Bar 4 v 7 Kings Bar
Legends Bar B 6 v 5 Northern Hotel
Holburn Bar 5 v 6 Rowantree Bar B
Mither Tap 5 v 6 Butchers Arms
McNasty's Bar 2 v 6 Riley's Bar
New Greentrees W/O v SCR Scotia Bar
Grampian Bar B 3 v 8 Northern Bar
Legends Bar W/O v SCR Portland Club


George Baxter Trophy  - Round 1 - Thursday 22nd of August
Regent Bridge  4 v Sportsmans Club
Dee Swimming Club v Gas Lamp B
Grampian Bar v Rowantree
Riley's v Grays Inn
Riley's B v Langdykes
Croft & Cairns v New Greentrees
Masada Bar   v   BYE
Kings Bar   v   BYE
Rowantree Bar B   v   BYE
McNasty's Bar   v   BYE
Scotia Lounge   v   BYE
Golden Tee B   v   BYE
Legends Bar   v   BYE
Mains Of Scotstown   v   BYE
Woodend Bar   v   BYE
Gilcomston Bar   v   BYE
Portland Club   v   BYE
Brig Inn   v   BYE
Northern Hotel   v   BYE
Golden Tee   v   BYE
Castle Bar   v   BYE
Holburn Bar   v   BYE
Kings Highway   v   BYE
Legends Bar B   v   BYE
Grampian Bar B   v   BYE
Mither Tap   v   BYE
Murdo's Bar   v   BYE
Mounthooly Bar   v   BYE
Scotia Bar   v   BYE
Fountain Bar B   v   BYE
Butchers Arms   v   BYE
Northern Bar   v   BYE


1 Brig Inn
2 Butchers Arms
3 Castle
4 Croft & Cairns
5 Dee Swimming Club
6 Fountain Bar B
7 Gas Lamp B
8 Gilcomston
9 Golden Tee
10 Golden Tee B
11 Grampian Bar
12 Grampian Bar B
13 Grays Inn Bar
14 Holburn
15 Kings Bar
16 Kings Highway
17 Langdykes
18 Legends Bar
19 Legends Bar B
20 Mains of Scotstown
21 Masada
22 McNasty's
23 Mither Tap
24 Mounthooly Bar
25 Murdo's Bar
26 New Greentrees
27 Northern Bar
28 Northern Hotel
29 Portland Club
30 Regent Bridge
31 Riley's
32 Riley's B
33 Rowantree
34 Rowantree B
35 Scotia
36 Scotia Lounge
37 Sportmans Club
38 Woodend Bar