PLAYING FORMAT - The Bill Masson trophy will be contested by secretaries in the Super Premier, Premier and 1st divisions. Games shall be arranged as per rule 27.  Unregistered secretaries will not be entered.  Format will be the best of 5 legs of 501, all games to be played straight start finishing on a double with closest the bull determining who has the throw in odd legs, away player to throw first for the bull.

Bill Masson Trophy - Round 2 - Thursday March 12
M Murray (M)   v   BYE
B Horne (DSC)   v   BYE
T Jamieson (KGB)  0 v S Dobson (MUL)
R Cameron (OB) v C Willox (GLB)
J Fraser (MOS) W/O  v SCR  S Milne (CAS)
S Mackie (RB) v G Keith (N)
J McKay (GI) W/O  v SCR  L Cobb (NGT)
M Jeffrey (RLY) SCR  v W/O  A Mowat (K)
The following players are to register with the committee at the Pittodrie Bar at 7:30PM: T Jamieson (KGB), S Dobson (MUL), R Cameron (OB), C Willox
The following players are to register with the committee at the Pittodrie Bar at 8PM: J Fraser (MOS), S Milne (CAS), S Mackie (RB), G Keith (N)
The following players are to register with the committee at the Pittodrie Bar at 8:30PM: J Mackay (GI), L Cobb (NGT), M Jeffrey (RLY), A Mowat (K)


Bill Masson Trophy - Round 2 - 02/12 to 16/12
R Cameron (OBB)  3 v J Marr (MNB)
S Dobson (MUL) v C Webster (KT)
M Jeffrey (RLY) v C McIntosh (MU)
M Murray (M) v D Leslie (SCL)
M Taylor (BIB) SCR  v W/O  J McKay (GI)
K Ross (GT) v T Jamieson (KGB)
N Cook (PW) NR  v NR  M Smith (HOL)
S Mackie (RB) v K Blake (BI)
R Simmers (WAG) v A Mowat (K)
C Willox (GLB) v B Watson (RYB)
W Thomson (RTB) SCR  v W/O  J Fraser (MOS)
B Horne (DSC) v J Smith (FBB)
A Page (SM) v L Cobb (NGT)
A Low (VIC) NR  v NR  P Coutts (SCO)
G Keith (N) v G Forsyth (MN)
L Rafferty (PIT) SCR  v W/O  S Milne (CAS)



Bill Masson Trophy - Round 1 - 19th August to 2nd September
D McKay Jnr (SMC)  2 v  3 S Dobson (MUL)
J Fraser (MOS)   v   BYE
T Jamieson (KGB)   v   BYE
N Cook (PW)   v   BYE
J Marr (MNB)   v   BYE
G Keith (N)   v   BYE
S Mackie (RB)   v   BYE
D Leslie (SCL)   v   BYE
W Thomson (RTB)   v   BYE
B Horne (DSC)   v   BYE
L Cobb (NGT)   v   BYE
S Milne (CAS)   v   BYE
C Webster (KT)   v   BYE
J McKay (GI)   v   BYE
M Jeffrey (RLY)   v   BYE
M Taylor (BIB)   v   BYE
C Willox (GLB)   v   BYE
M Smith (HOL)   v   BYE
A Low (VIC)   v   BYE
A Page (SM)   v   BYE
L Rafferty (PIT)   v   BYE
R Cameron (OBB)   v   BYE
A Mowat (K)   v   BYE
R Simmers (WAG)   v   BYE
K Ross (GT)   v   BYE
B Watson (RYB)   v   BYE
J Smith (FBB)   v   BYE
G Forsyth (MN)   v   BYE
C McIntosh (MU)   v   BYE
K Blake (BI)   v   BYE
M Murray (M)   v   BYE
P Coutts (SCO)   v   BYE


  Players Name Team Name
1 Keith Blake Brig Inn
2 Mike Taylor Brig Inn B
3 Steve Milne Castle
4 Barry Horne Dee Swimming Club
5 John Smith Fountain Bar B
6 Craig Willox Gas Lamp B
7 Kevin Ross Golden Tee
8 John McKay Grays Inn Bar
9 Mike Smith Holburn
10 Andy Mowat Kings Bar
11 Trevor Jamieson Kirkgate Bar
12 Colin Webster Kittybrewster
13 Jamie Fraser Mains of Scotstown
14 Mike Murray Masada
15 Gordon Forsyth McNasty's
16 James Marr McNasty's B
17 Craig McIntosh Murdo's Bar
18 Stephen Dobson Murdo's Lounge
19 Lewis Cobb New Greentrees
20 Gary Keith Northern Bar
21 Richard Cameron Old Bank Bar
22 Neil Cook Parkway Inn
23 Leighton Rafferty Pittodrie
24 Shaun Mackie Regent Bridge
25 Marc Jeffrey Riley's
26 Bill Watson Riley's B
27 Wayne Thomson Rowantree B
28 Peter Coutts Scotia
29 Dean Leslie Scotia Lounge
30 David McKay Jnr Sportmans Club
31 Andrew Page St Machar
32 Andrew Low Victoria Bar
33 Robert Simmers Wagleys