PLAYING FORMAT - ADA Pairs Trophy matches format will be the best of 5 legs of 501, semi-final best of 7 legs of 501 and final best of 9 legs of 501.  All games to be arranged as per rule 27. Matches to be played straight start and finish on a double with double with closest the bull determining who has the throw in odd legs, away player to throw first for the bull.  Entry fee will be £6.00 per pair.  Only players registered with the ADA on or before the closing date for singles will be accepted.  The ADA match secretary to disregard any names not registered.


ADA Pairs - Round 4 - MONDAY FEBRUARY 10 to 24
Kennedy/Slessor (M) 1 v 3 Goldie/Ryan (M)
Koemans/Still (GT) 3 v 1 Handsley/Stewart (MNB)
Weston/Montgomery (GT) 0 v 3 Robertson/Trueman (SW)
Thomson/Finn (BI) 3 v 0 Imlach/Smith (CAC)
McDonald/Reid (SCL) 2 v 3 Caie/Adams (LDY)
Christie/McCombie (OB) 3 v 2 Robertson/Murray (N)
Towe/Grogan (N) 1 v 3 Woods/Knowles (M)
Duncan/Parker (RLY) 3 v 1 Tremain/Wilson (M)
Wright/Clayton (GI) SCR v W/O Michie/Grant (BI)
Gibb/Duthie (DSC) 1 v 3 Gilbert/Simpson (OB)
Downie/Cowie (RB) 3 v 2 Somers/Cooper (CAS)
McLeod/McLeod (MOS) 0 v 3 Keith/Kelman (N)
Lynch/Milne (CAS) 3 v 2 Porter/Milne (GRB)
Black/Sales (RTB) 3 v 2 Leslie/Morrice (BI)
MacLeod/Sangerman (GI) 3 v 1 Hogg/McKay (GI)
Bain/Hyde (RTB) 3 v 2 Begg/Keith (GT)


ADA Pairs - Round 3 - December 16 to January 13
Woods/Knowles (M) W/O v SCR Norrie/Forbes (RB)
Towe/Grogan (N) 3 v 0 Traynor/Traynor (NH)
Leslie/Henderson (NH) 2 v 3 Wright/Clayton (GI)
Horne/Spence (KGB) 2 v 3 Weston/Montgomery (GT)
Lynch/Milne (CAS) W/O v SCR Campbell/McIntosh (MU)
Christie/McCombie (OB) 3 v 2 Cassie/Simpson (RLY)
Adams/Hendry (K) 1 v 3 Goldie/Ryan (M)
Alexander/Smith (FB) 2 v 3 Leslie/Morrice (BI)
Knowles/Nicol (BA) 2 v 3 Bain/Hyde (RTB)
Duncan/Parker (RLY) 3 v 2 Hyde/Taylor (BI)
Forbes/Fraser (OB) 0 v 3 Tremain/Wilson (M)
Gray/Shepherd (SW) 0 v 3 Handsley/Stewart (MNB)
Downie/Cowie (RB) 3 v 2 Spence/Rae (LDY)
Campbell/Robertson (M) 1 v 3 Keith/Kelman (N)
Wright/Matthew (WEB) 0 v 3 Robertson/Trueman (SW)
Porteous/Adams (CAC) 2 v 3 Gibb/Duthie (DSC)
Black/Sales (RTB) W/O v SCR Alexander/Shewan (NH)
Robertson/Murray (N) 3 v 0 Fraser/Stephen (GLB)
McDonald/Reid (SCL) 3 v 2 Mitchell/Mitchell (RTB)
Ewing/Webster (CAS) 1 v 3 Gilbert/Simpson (OB)
McHattie/Robertson (N) 1 v 3 Caie/Adams (LDY)
Morrison/Jones (WAG) SCR v W/O Begg/Keith (GT)
Rafferty/Greig (PIT) 0 v 3 Somers/Cooper (CAS)
MacLeod/Sangerman (GI) 3 v 1 Cunningham/Alexander (RTB)
Hogg/McKay (GI) 3 v 1 Robertson/Allan (GI)
McLeod/McLeod (MOS) 3 v 1 Matthew/Barney (RLY)
Porter/Milne (GBB) 3 v 2 Sim/Stewart (K)
Kennedy/Slessor (M) 3 v 2 Mallarkey/Quinlan (MOS)
Imlach/Smith (CAC) 3 v 1 MacKenzie/Robertson (MB)
Duncan/Patience (GBB) 2 v 3 Thomson/Finn (BI)
Thomson/Daniel (RTB) 1 v 3 Michie/Grant (BI)
Koemans/Still (GT) 3 v 1 Matthews/Matthews (WEB)




ADA Pairs - Round 2 - 04/11/2019 to 18/11/2019
Towe/Grogan (N) 3 v 2 Adleigh/Ross (GT)
Gray/Shepherd (SW) 3 v 2 Mullen/Mullen (GCT)
Bain/Hyde (RTB) W/O v SCR Fraser/Fraser (GLB)
Hook/Laing (LG) SCR v W/O Begg/Keith (GT)
Traynor/Wallace (NH) 2 v 3 Matthews/Matthews (WEB)
Riley/Davidson (KH)   v   Imlach/Smith (CAC)
Campbell/McIntosh (MU) W/O v SCR Matthew/Ewen (KH)
Brechin/Gillies (FBB) 2 v 3 Mallarkey/Quinlan (MOS)
Johnston/Mowat (K) 0 v 3 Porter/Milne (GBB)
Knowles/Nicol (BA) 3 v 2 Greig/Rennie (OML)
Gilbert/Simpson (OB) 3 v 0 Clark/Cameron (OB)
Duff/Mackintosh (KT) 0 v 3 Thomson/Finn (BI)
Horne/Spence (KGB) 3 v 2 Fraser/Forsyth (MOS)
Hadden/McKay Jnr (SMC) 2 v 3 Christie/McCombie (OB)
Pirie/McDonald (N) 2 v 3 McHattie/Robertson (N)
MacKenzie/Robertson (MB) 3 v 1 Rafferty/Moore (MB)
Horne/Proctor (DSC) 2 v 3 Handsley/Stewart (MNB)
McLeod/McLeod (MOS) 3 v 2 Gorman/Beattie (SCL)
Gibb/Duthie (DSC) 3 v 2 Henderson/McGillivray (LG)
Mitchell/Mitchell (RTB) 3 v 2 Gowers/Johnston (MB)
Ewan/Innes (PW) 2 v 3 Duncan/Parker (RLY)
Wright/Clayton (GI) W/O v SCR O'Sullivan/Murray (CAS)
Downie/Cowie (RB) 3 v 0 Martin/Aitken (GBB)
Norrie/Bruce (RB) 3 v 2 Mair/Needham (CB)
Blake/Johnston (BI) 1 v 3 Cunningham/Alexander (RTB)
Woods/Knowles (M) 3 v 1 Baxter/Stephen (SCL)
Russell/Milne (GLB) 1 v 3 McDonald/Reid (SCL)
Thomson/Adam (GLB) 0 v 3 Tremain/Wilson (M)
Robertson/Allan (GI) 3 v 2 Jeffrey/Cassie (RLY)
Weatherly/Greig (KH) SCR v W/O Traynor/Traynor (NH)
Campbell/Robertson (M) 3 v 1 Thomson/Mennie (DSC)
Cassie/Simpson (RLY) 3 v 2 Kemp/Taylor-(GAS)
Stephen/Strachan (MOS) 0 v 3 Weston/Montgomery (GT)
Robertson/Trueman (SW) 3 v 0 Forbes/Morrison (K)
Robertson/Garden (LDY) 2 v 3 Forbes/Fraser (OB)
Thomson/Leslie (MN) 1 v 3 MacLeod/Sangerman (GI)
Somers/Cooper (CAS) W/O v SCR Cruden/Watson (RYB)
Lynch/Milne (RLY) 0 v 3 Goldie/Ryan (M)
Critchen/Woods (RYB) SCR v W/O Ewing/Webster (CAS)
Fraser/Stephen (GLB) W/O v SCR Gray/Lorimer (WC)
Sim/Stewart (K) 3 v 2 Cooper/Willox (GLB)
Elrick/Mackie (RB) 2 v 3 Alexander/Smith (FB)
Morrison/Jones (WAG) W/O v SCR Booth/Dunbar (RB)
Thomson/Daniel (RTB) 3 v 2 Cheyne/McDonald (K)
Hogg/McKay (GI) 3 v 2 Stuart/Duncan (BA)
Leslie/Henderson (NH) 3 v 1 Drever/Calder (MB)
Ewen Jnr/Ewen Snr (CB) 2 v 3 Kennedy/Slessor (M)
Murison/Main (GBB) SCR v W/O Robertson/Murray (N)
Bruce/Marr (MNB) 1 v 3 Black/Sales (RTB)
Gray/Wright (WEB) 2 v 3 Duncan/Patience (GBB)
Douglas/Duguid (OB) 0 v 3 Caie/Adams (LDY)
Whitley/Anderson (KH) 0 v 3 Leslie/Morrice (BI)
Hyde/Taylor (BI) 3 v 1 MacKenzie/Oldale Farquhar (OML)
Porteous/Adams (CAC) 3 v 2 Duncan/Gibson (CAC)
Morrison/Davidson (RYB) SCR v W/O Matthew/Barney (RLY)
Lynch/Milne (CAS) 3 v 2 Wallace/Donald (CAS)
Moir/Fraser (RYB) 1 v 3 Koemans/Still (GT)
Spence/Rae (LDY) 3 v 2 Finnie/Strachan (F)
Wright/Matthew (WEB) 3 v 2 Brady/Kennedy (RLY)
Hutton/Brand (N) 2 v 3 Adams/Hendry (K)
Robertson/Ross (GCT) 2 v 3 Keith/Kelman (N)
Thomson/Hendry (K) 0 v 3 Michie/Grant (BI)
Rafferty/Greig (PIT) 3 v 2 Munro/Rattray (BA)
Alexander/Shewan (NH) 3 v 1 Rae/Melville (GCT)


ADA Pairs - Round 1 - 16/09 to 30/09
Bruce/Marr (MNB)  3 v  0 Byrne/Coutts (M)
Russell/Milne (GLB)  W/O v  SCR Ewing/Simmers (WAG)
Hadden/McKay Jnr (SMC)   v   BYE
Horne/Spence (KGB)   v   BYE
Rafferty/Moore (MB)   v   BYE
Adams/Hendry (K)   v   BYE
Cassie/Simpson (RLY)   v   BYE
Matthew/Ewen (KH)   v   BYE
Cheyne/McDonald (K)   v   BYE
Thomson/Mennie (DSC)   v   BYE
Lynch/Milne (RLY)   v   BYE
MacKenzie/Oldale Farquhar (OML)   v   BYE
Moir/Fraser (RYB)   v   BYE
Sim/Stewart (K)   v   BYE
Norrie/Bruce (RB)   v   BYE
Murison/Main (GRB)   v   BYE
Kemp/Taylor (GAS)   v   BYE
Robertson/Trueman (SW)   v   BYE
Alexander/Smith (FB)   v   BYE
Mair/Needham (CB)   v   BYE
Blake/Johnston (BI)   v   BYE
Alexander/Shewan (NH)   v   BYE
Fraser/Fraser (GLB)   v   BYE
Gorman/Beattie (SCL)   v   BYE
Hutton/Brand (N)   v   BYE
Ewing/Webster (CAS)   v   BYE
Booth/Dunbar (RB)   v   BYE
Critchen/Woods (RYB)   v   BYE
Gilbert/Simpson (OB)   v   BYE
Keith/Kelman (N)   v   BYE
Thomson/Daniel (RTB)   v   BYE
Koemans/Still (GT)   v   BYE
Tremain/Wilson (M)   v   BYE
McLeod/McLeod (MOS)   v   BYE
Caie/Adams (LDY)   v   BYE
McHattie/Robertson (N)   v   BYE
Duff/Mackintosh (KT)   v   BYE
Weston/Montgomery (GT)   v   BYE
Michie/Grant (BI)   v   BYE
Begg/Keith (GT)   v   BYE
Weatherly/Greig (KH)   v   BYE
Johnston/Mowat (K)   v   BYE
Porteous/Adams (CAC)   v   BYE
Imlach/Smith (CAC)   v   BYE
Somers/Cooper (CAS)   v   BYE
Rae/Melville (GCT)   v   BYE
Robertson/Garden (LDY)   v   BYE
Greig/Rennie (OML)   v   BYE
Thomson/Leslie (MN)   v   BYE
MacLeod/Sangerman (GI)   v   BYE
Gray/Shepherd (SW)   v   BYE
Matthew/Barney (RLY)   v   BYE
Fraser/Stephen (GLB)   v   BYE
Porter/Milne (GRB)   v   BYE
Robertson/Murray (N)   v   BYE
Campbell/McIntosh (MU)   v   BYE
Leslie/Morrice (BI)   v   BYE
Rafferty/Greig (PIT)   v   BYE
Handsley/Stewart (MNB)   v   BYE
Mitchell/Mitchell (RTB)   v   BYE
Douglas/Duguid (OB)   v   BYE
Thomson/Hendry (K)   v   BYE
Woods/Knowles (M)   v   BYE
Gray/Lorimer (WC)   v   BYE
Hyde/Taylor (BI)   v   BYE
Downie/Cowie (RB)   v   BYE
Leslie/Henderson (NH)   v   BYE
Stuart/Duncan (BA)   v   BYE
Whitley/Anderson (KH)   v   BYE
Gray/Wright (WEB)   v   BYE
Traynor/Wallace (NH)   v   BYE
Ewan/Innes Parkway   v   BYE
Horne/Proctor (DSC)   v   BYE
Riley/Davidson (KH)   v   BYE
Munro/Rattray (BA)   v   BYE
Gowers/Johnston (MB)   v   BYE
Baxter/Stephen (SCL)   v   BYE
Duncan/Parker (RLY)   v   BYE
Towe/Grogan (N)   v   BYE
Duncan/Patience (GRB)   v   BYE
Martin/Aitken (GRB)   v   BYE
Pirie/McDonald (N)   v   BYE
Wallace/Donald (CAS)   v   BYE
Adleigh/Ross (GT)   v   BYE
Fraser/Forsyth (MOS)   v   BYE
Duncan/Gibson (CAC)   v   BYE
Cunningham/Alexander (RTB)   v   BYE
Knowles/Nicol (BA)   v   BYE
Mullen/Mullen (GCT)   v   BYE
Cooper/Willox (GLB)   v   BYE
Traynor/Traynor (NH)   v   BYE
O'Sullivan/Murray (CAS)   v   BYE
Spence/Other (LDY)   v   BYE
Henderson/McGillivray (LG)   v   BYE
Forbes/Fraser (OB)   v   BYE
Clark/Cameron (OB)   v   BYE
Bain/Hyde (RTB)   v   BYE
Thomson/Finn (BI)   v   BYE
Black/Sales (RTB)   v   BYE
Kennedy/Slessor (M)   v   BYE
Other/Strachan (F)   v   BYE
Ewen Jnr/Ewen Snr (CB)   v   BYE
Thomson/Adam (GLB)   v   BYE
Hogg/McKay (GI)   v   BYE
Campbell/Robertson (M)   v   BYE
Wright/Clayton (GI)   v   BYE
Mallarkey/Quinlan (MOS)   v   BYE
Drever/Calder (MB)   v   BYE
Brady/Kennedy (RLY)   v   BYE
Christie/McCombie (OB)   v   BYE
Stephen/Strachan (MOS)   v   BYE
Robertson/Allan (GI)   v   BYE
Morrison/Jones (WAG)   v   BYE
Robertson/Ross (GCT)   v   BYE
Brechin/Gillies (FBB)   v   BYE
Morrison/Davidson (RYB)   v   BYE
Hook/Laing (LG)   v   BYE
Wright/Matthew (WEB)   v   BYE
Gibb/Duthie (DSC)   v   BYE
McDonald/Reid (SCL)   v   BYE
Forbes/Morrison (K)   v   BYE
Jeffrey/Cassie (RLY)   v   BYE
MacKenzie/Robertson (MB)   v   BYE
Matthews/Matthews (WEB)   v   BYE
Goldie/Ryan (M)   v   BYE
Cruden/Watson (RYB)   v   BYE
Elrick/Mackie (RB)   v   BYE
Lynch/Milne (CAS)   v   BYE


  Players Name Team Name
1 Simon Finn
Michael Thomson
Brig Inn
2 Ian Hyde
Steve Taylor
Brig Inn
3 Stephen Michie
Billy Grant
Brig Inn
4 Keith Blake
Melv Johnston
Brig Inn
5 Gary Leslie
John Morrice
Brig Inn
6 Colin Munro
Chris Rattray
Butchers Arms
7 Barry Knowles
Connor Nicol
Butchers Arms
8 Craig Stuart
Garrie Duncan
Butchers Arms
9 Barry Somers
Neil Cooper
10 Steve Lynch
Steve Milne
11 John O' Sullivan
Craig Murray
12 Ryan Wallace
Martin McDonald
13 Steven Webster
Sean Ewing
14 Dod Ewen Snr
Dod Ewen Jnr
Central Bar
15 Eric Needham
Colin Marr
Central Bar
16 Stuart Porteous
Calum Adams
Croft & Cairns
17 Kris Imlach
Graham Smith
Croft & Cairns
18 Alan Gibson
Paul Duncan
Croft & Cairns
19 Davie Gibb
John Duthie
Dee Swimming Club
20 Barry Horne
Iain Proctor
Dee Swimming Club
21 James Thomson
Gordon Mennie
Dee Swimming Club
22 Craig Smith
Owen Alexander
Fountain Bar
23 Chay Gillies
Adam Brechin
Fountain Bar B
24 Norma Strachan
A N Other
25 Andrew Kemp
Chris Taylor
Gas Lamp
26 Richard Thomson
Paul Adam
Gas Lamp B
27 Jamie Fraser
Craig Stephen
Gas Lamp B
28 Austin Fraser
Allan Fraser
Gas Lamp B
29 Matt Russel
Adrian Milne
Gas Lamp B
30 Stuart Couper
Craig Willox
Gas Lamp B
31 Chris Mullen
Bill Mullen
32 Ian Rae
Bob Melville
33 Mark Robertson
Robert Ross
34 Bradley Weston
Bruce Montgomery
Golden Tee
35 John Still
Robert Koemans
Golden Tee
36 Andy Adleigh
Kev Ross
Golden Tee
37 Scott Keith
Kieran Begg
Golden Tee
38 Kev Porter
Alex Milne
Grampian Bar B
39 Greg Martin
Bret Aitken
Grampian Bar B
40 Craig Murison
Kim Main
Grampian Bar B
41 Sam Duncan
Graeme Patience
Grampian Bar B
42 Paul Wright
Graham Clayton
Grays Inn
43 Jason Hogg
John McKay
Grays Inn
44 Paul MacLeod
Sam Sangerman
Grays Inn
45 Alan Robertson
Mark Allan
Grays Inn
46 Gregg Cheyne
Fraser McDonald
Kings Bar
47 Mike Forbes
Keith Morrison
Kings Bar
48 Jim Adams
Stuart Hendry
Kings Bar
49 Keith Thomson
Graham Hendry
Kings Bar
50 Craig Johnston
Andy Mowat
Kings Bar
51 Grant Sim
Raymond Stewart
Kings Bar
52 Kevin Riley
Emily Davidson
Kings Highway
53 Mark Weatherly
Gavin Greig
Kings Highway
54 Ross Matthew
Scott Ewen
Kings Highway
55 Chris Anderson
Clark Whitley
Kings Highway
56 Chris Spence
Gary Horne
57 Peter Duff
Steven Mackintosh
58 Steve Caie
John Adams
59 Mark Robertson
Graham Garden
60 Hamish Spence
A N Other
61 Mark Henderson
Alister McGillivray
62 Leanne Hook
Jonathan Laing
63 Jamie Fraser
Dave Forsyth
Mains of Scotstown
64 Stuart Stephen
Scott Strachan
Mains of Scotstown
65 Lewis McLeod
Dan McLeod
Mains of Scotstown
66 Robert Mallarkey
Pat Quinlan
Mains of Scotstown
67 Scott Campbell
Scott Robertson
68 Scott Kennedy
Stuart Slessor
69 Matt Goldie
Sean Ryan
70 Brian Woods
David Knowles
71 Richard Byrne
Gary Coutts
72 Clayton Wilson
Drew Tremain
73 Angela Thomson
Sharon Leslie
74 James Marr
Gary Bruce
McNasty's B
75 Ross Handsley
Gordon Stewart
McNasty's B
76 Mark Drever
Dave Calder
77 Darren Gowers
Graeme Johnston
78 David Robertson
Keith Mackenzie
79 Kaigen Moore
Marc Rafferty
80 Craig McIntosh
Graham Campbell
Murdo's Bar
81 Craig Robertson
Mike Murray
Northern Bar
82 Chris Pirie
Alec McDonald
Northern Bar
83 Gary Keith
John Kelman
Northern Bar
84 Greg McHattie
Vic Robertson
Northern Bar
85 Ian Towe
Sean Grogan
Northern Bar
86 Laim Hutton
Conor Brand
Northern Bar
87 Nick Leslie
Stewart Henderson
Northern Hotel
88 Roderick Traynor
Graham Traynor
Northern Hotel
89 Adam Traynor
David Wallace
Northern Hotel
90 William Shewan
Steven Alexander
Northern Hotel
91 Dave Forbes
Mark Fraser
Old Bank Bar
92 Murray Douglas
Dougal Duguid
Old Bank Bar
93 Robert Clark
Richard Cameron
Old Bank Bar
94 Kevin Gilbert
Alex Simpson
Old Bank Bar
95 Shane Christie
Shaun McCombie
Old Bank Bar
96 Stewart Greig
Mike Rennie
Old Machar Legion
97 Tony Oldale Farquhar
Angus Mackenzie
Old Machar Legion
98 Kierran Innes
Derek Ewan
99 Leighton Rafferty
Keith Greig
100 Sean Elrick
Shaun Mackie
Regent Bridge
101 Darren Norrie
Craig Bruce
Regent Bridge
102 Barry Downie
Mark Cowie
Regent Bridge
103 Alan Booth
Dave Dunbar
Regent Bridge
104 Alan Duncan
Jace Parker
105 Ben Cassie
Liam Simpson
106 Dave Matthew
Neil Barney
107 Marc Jeffrey
Stuart Cassie
108 Darren Lynch
Keith Milnes
109 Mark Brady
Jordan Kennedy
110 Colin Cruden
Bill Watson
Riley's B
111 Simon Moir
Jack Fraser
Riley's B
112 Daniel Morrison
James Davidson
Riley's B
113 Mike Woods
Rob Critchen
Riley's B
114 Jamie Bain
Lorraine Hyde
Rowantree B
115 Neil Cunningham
Neil Alexander
Rowantree B
116 Wayne Thomson
Craig Daniel
Rowantree B
117 Terry Mitchell
Ally Mitchell
Rowantree B
118 Steve Sales
Martyn Black
Rowantree B
119 Alex McDonald
Billy Reid
Scotia Lounge
120 Ian Gorman
Ryan Beattie
Scotia Lounge
121 Derek Stephen
Paul Baxter
Scotia Lounge
122 Keith Robertson
Danny Trueman
Spiders Web
123 Steven Shepherd
Gordon Gray
Spiders Web
124 Stuart Hadden
David McKay Jnr
Sportsmans Club
125 Gary Morrison
Chris Jones
126 Ryan Ewing
Robert Simmers
127 Kenneth Lorimer
Dod Gray
White Cockade
128 Paul Gray
Owen Wright
Woodend Bar
129 Craig Wright
Kevin Matthew
Woodend Bar
130 Paul Matthews
Harry Matthews
Woodend Bar